Nanobionic develops two new coatings @ WTIN

The Nanobionic Group specialises in developing coatings and finishes for textiles that help to ‘empower and enhance the body’s energy’. The company’s original patented coating uses minerals to transform body heat into far infrared rays (FIRs) and reflect them back into the body, which helps to improve blood flow and energise the user.

Now, the company has launched two other coatings, the first being Nanobionic Green which is a more sustainable version of the original Nanobionic coating.

“The purpose of Nanobionic Green is to bring to the market a sustainable solution that will have all Nanobionic benefits but at the same time, will have a positive impact on the environment,” says Ermis Psipsikas, founder and COO, Nanobionic Group.

While the manufacturing and production process remains very similar, the difference between Nanobionic Green and the original is that 50% of this new development contains materials derived from renewable or vegetal sources, which helps to reduce the product’s carbon footprint…

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