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Your Body Produces Energy
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You can now recycle and enhance your energy with Nanobionic

What is nanobionic?

Nanobionic is a soft coating made of infrared emitting minerals that can be applied to any type of surface, such as clothing, bedding, foam, leather or textile product.

The minerals in the coating get activated with body heat (energy) emitted by your body and return back this enhanced energy to make you a hybrid engine.

Returned energy increases local blood flow allowing your body to enhance recovery, improve athletic performance and promote a more restful sleep.You can now Recycle and Enhance your energy with Nanobionic.

How Does it Work?

You are an Energy Source

Your body produces around 100 watts of energy at any given time. Nanobionic lets you use yours.

Textiles That Capture Energy

Applied as a soft coating to your fabrics, Nanobionic lets you recycle and enhance the energy emitted by your body. Stop wasting your energy and recharge.


Nanobionic coating is designed to work with your body at every stage of the day. It helps you workout longer, promotes a better sleep, so you can wake up recovered and restored.

Imagine connecting to a near endless source of energy.
That is Nanobionic

How is it Made?


First, we ethically source the most infrared emitting minerals available to create the proprietary formula.


After the formula is isolated and the minerals are mixed and ground, everything is then melted into a liquid for easy transport.


Finally, the Nanobionic liquid mineral compound is applied directly to fabrics and textiles. It is near permanent and will last well past 50 washes.

Nanobionic Technology is made in Europe


Several Scientific Studies have been conducted in order to
prove the various benefits of Nanobionic Technology.

7 Clinical Studies.

  • Nanobionic effect on athletic performance
  • Evaluation of the "well-being" effect of a duvet and a mattress topper
  • Optical characterization of Nanobionic samples/tissues in the middle IR region (2-20 μm)
  • The Effect of Textiles Impregnated With Particles With High Emissivity in the Infrared, on the Temperature of the Cold Hand
  • Ceramic Textiles from Mineral Oxides Microfibers Coating (Nanobionic®) Efficiently Emit Infrared Rays and Reduce Free Radical Levels in Healthy Volunteers
  • Light absorption heat-retaining test
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of leather with nanobionic based on ISO 21702:2019 Measurement of antiviral activity for coronavirus

The Benefits.

Products powered by Nanobionic technology are intended to temporarily promote increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. This increased blood flow can have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Promoting a temporary increase in local blood flow
  • Enhancing faster recovery
  • Increasing general wellness of being
  • Boosting the body's energy
  • Supporting heat generation
  • Recycling and enhancing the body's energy
  • Increasing and enhancing performance
  • Increasing and enhancing strength and endurance


Products powered by Nanobionic Technology have been determined by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to be Medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Food, Drug and cosmetic Act and are also General wellness products.


Millions of customers globally have used Nanobionic enhanced products to improve every aspect of their lives. Sleep, recovery and performance are all elevated by using your own energy.


Nanobionic is a material science company with the mission to improve people's lives and well-being


Enhance your performance

  • Enhances faster recovery
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Boosts body's energy
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Sleep - Recover - Perform

  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Increases general wellness of being
  • Enhances faster recovery
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Increase your body Heat

  • Supports heat generation
  • Increases thermal energy
  • Recycles and enhances body's energy
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Nanobionic RE-3 NB100P

RE-3 NB100P & NB100P/FR is a soft coating suitable for printing applications The FR version has Fire Retardant properties It is available in 2 colors: white and dark grey

Nanobionic RE-3 NB200S

RE-3 NB200S & NB200S/FR is a soft coating suitable for spraying applications The FR version has Fire Retardant properties It is available in 2 colors: white and dark grey.

Nanobionic RE-3 NB200P

RE-3 NB200P & NB200P/FR is a soft coating suitable for padding applications The FR version has Fire Retardant properties It is available in 2 colors: white and dark grey

Nanobionic RE-3 NB6M

RE-3 NB6M & NB6M/FR is the most advanced solid waterproof, windproof breathable membrane in the world combined with Nanobionic technology properties The FR version has Fire Retardant properties All known laminating systems can be used.

Nanobionic Special Operations (NSO)

NSO is a new division of Nanobionic, that can give solutions to your needs and adapt Nanobionic technology products according to your requirements.


Nanobionic Technology can be used in a great number of industries with various applications enabling people to take advantage of all the health and wellness benefits.

Sports Apparel




Furniture textiles

Car seats







Bulletproof Vests

Band Aid



Skin Care

The Company

Welcome to the World of Nanobionic

Nanobionic was founded in 2011 by George and Ermis Psipsikas and has been successful ever since. Nanobionic offers the next generation technology for textiles, foams and leathers, combining science, technology and nature to enhance your life.

Using a specialized patented technology, products powered by Nanobionic technology offer a wide range of wellness and performance benefits.

In a constant pursuit of innovation, Nanobionic is dedicated towards forward thinking and product development solutions from our accredited scientific research team.


At Nanobionic, we believe innovation stems from exploring the synergy between science, nature and technology to uncover the potential that improves the daily lives of everyone.

We consider ourselves a FUTURE TECHNOLOGY BRAND; delivering tomorrow's solution today to help our customers reach new heights of well being, performing better, sleeping better, feeling better, and looking better, inside and out.


The FDA has not approved or designated Nanobionic for any purpose and has not made any determination about or endorsement of its benefits.

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