Flexsteel’s Zofa Merges SleepScore Insights with Nanobionic Innovation for Unmatched Wellness Benefits


DUBUQUE, Iowa — Building on the success of the Zecliner, launched at October 2022 market, Flexsteel is expanding on its revolutionary sleep solution line with the introduction of the Zofa. Zofa provides a new alternative sleep solution while doubling as a motion sofa, incorporating sustainability, health, and wellness benefits along with scientifically supported claims.

As an extension of the Zecliner, the Zofa is a motion sofa that offers the same seamless blend of comfort and technology. It features a power recline, power headrest, and power lumbar – all with Zero Gravity. In addition, it uses Flexsteel’s most comfortable cushion, utilizing CloudLux in the seat cushions and back fill. Zofa features a drop-down console, hidden speakers, smart app compatibility, and warm LED lighting. Nanobionic® material, a wellness-focused upholstery fabric, drapes Zofa’s upholstery, turning it into an all-encompassing wellness and relaxation station.

Flexsteel’s Zofa, a testament to the fusion of science and comfort, underscores the brand’s commitment to enhancing health and wellness through innovative design. Central to Zofa’s innovation is the Nanobionic® fabric, a revolutionary material designed to transform body heat into far infrared rays. This advanced technology offers therapeutic benefits that significantly improve the sleeping experience, evidenced by claims from the CULP powered by Nanobionic® sleep study. These claims include that the fabric helps facilitate faster sleep at bedtime, quicker return to sleep if awakened during the night, enhanced overall sleep quality, more refreshing sleep, and a greater sense of restfulness upon waking.

Building on this foundation, Flexsteel incorporates the significant insights gained from the SleepScore study on the Zecliner, which meticulously evaluated over 700 nights of sleep. This study revealed substantial improvements in the perceived quality of sleep among users transitioning from conventional recliners to the Zecliner. Notably, 89% of users reported enhanced comfort with the Zecliner, and 95% of users felt a sense of weightlessness that improved the ease of falling asleep and depth of sleep.

This combination of Nanobionic® technology and SleepScore study results strengthens Flexsteel’s comprehensive strategy to enhance sleep quality and improve overall wellness.

The introduction of the Zofa heralds a new era in furniture design, where health and wellness are paramount. Flexsteel is dedicated to improving lives through advanced technology and thoughtful design.

The Zecliner collection has expanded to include a variety of sleep chairs: the Petite, designed for individuals 5’6” and under; Model 1, suitable for heights between 5’7” and 6’0”; Model 2, tailored for those 6’0” and taller; and the Model 2+, which features additional amenities such as heat/massage and a Nanobionic cover. Alongside the Zofa, Flexsteel is introducing two new color options for both the Zofa and the Model 2+.

Visit the Flexsteel showroom at High Point April Market, Space C-601 at the International Home Furnishings Center, April 13th – 17th. Buyers interested in viewing Flexsteel Industries’ brands and products can contact retail-development@flexsteel.com.


Nanobionic® technology is a soft coating comprised of a blend of minerals that is applied to any type of fabric, developed to increase energy, everyday performance, and enhance wellness for better recovery. When Nanobionic® technology comes in close proximity with the human body, the minerals are activated with body heat and they begin emitting Infrared IR rays back to the body. This helps the body to rejuvenate, increases general wellness, and promotes restful sleep.

Nanobionic® technology has been validated through several independent (published) scientific studies, that have proven a variety of performance, sleep and wellness benefits. The FDA has determined that Nanobionic products are medical devices, as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and are also General Wellness products. Nanobionic® has also been awarded by NASA iTech as a top 10 finalist and as one of the companies that could impact space exploration. Nanobionic® technology can be applied to a variety of industries, including but not limited to: apparel, footwear, socks, bedding, mattresses, furniture, car seats, orthopedics, military & space wear, etc. Nanobionic® technology has received 13 international awards for innovation, and is the next generation in bio-functional textiles, combining science, technology and nature to enhance your life.


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